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Albury-Wodonga: A culinary retreat catering to all kinds of taste buds.

Albury and Wodonga are the twin cities that are located on the north and south banks of Murray River, respectively and is situated almost in the middle of Sydney and Melbourne. The Albury-Wodonga region is quite accessible and is connected by road, rail and air making it a major transit point between New South Wales and Victoria. Due to this reason, this place attracts tourists in huge numbers belonging to different ethnicities.

Major plans were developed by authorities to transform Albury-Wodonga into a new commercial hub to control the growth in nearby cities - Sydney and Melbourne and many industries were encouraged to move there. Those plans are no longer being pursued, but the proximity of this place to beautiful landscapes and the accessibility of this place by various modes of transport, has caused visitors and tourists to come flocking to visit this place quite frequently. Albury-Wodonga is not just meant for a weekend getaway, with scenic places to visit like Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk, Wagirra Trail, Wonga Wetlands or Murray River, but a food haven that has countless options for people for whom, food is life.

If you are planning to visit Albury-Wodonga anytime sooner, then we have got you covered with RmZm - Your Digital Concierge. RmZm lists all Restaurants and Cafés for all types of cuisines in the RmZm's explore page, along with an option to view full menus on the app and book a table too, so that you don’t have to wait in a queue to grab your favourite food.

If traveling to Albury-Wodonga is in your travel plans anytime in the future, then here is a list of few of the popular cuisines and restaurants you might like to visit and give a try the next time you are there. RmZm has done the work for you by putting together 5 popular cuisines and a list of the restaurants on offer in the Albury-Wodonga region:


Thai cuisine is famous for an intricate balance of vegetables, meat, rice/noodles, nuts and relishes and sauces which would tickle your taste buds. The best factor about Thai food is that it's always prepared fresh, the portion sizes are generous and the prices are so reasonable that you won't feel ripped off.

The Phaboonchai Thai restaurant, Thai Puka and Thai Lotus Restaurant are few of the popular Thai restaurants in the region. Their satay sauce, satay skewers, Pad-Kee-Mao, Pad-See-Ew, Panang curry are an all-time-favorite among the visitors. The decoration at these places may seem sparse but the ambience isn't affected by the décor at all as these places are buzzing with customers throughout and bring out the lively street food culture in Thailand. People can also bring their drinks. There is a hidden gem in the Wodonga region- Real Thai Kitchen restaurant that offers a huge range of Vietnamese food options apart from the regular Thai menu. All in all, Albury-Wodonga doesn't disappoint you when it comes to Thai food.


Indian cuisine is popular among many tourists for the distinguished aroma of spices, a wide collection of curries, the balance of flavors and exquisite preparation techniques.

There are a few sought-after restaurants like Indian Tandoori restaurant and Indian Chimney that are famous of their lamb biryani, lamb curry, assorted bread especially sweet naan and a buffet option which only costs 24.9 AUD per person and one gets to enjoy a great range of dishes starting from entrée to desserts. These restaurants in Albury-Wodonga are not just popular among Indians but also the locals.

Café Dalchini is another name that is catching on very quickly among tourists for their Indian-Italian fusion food and their menu boasts of items like butter chicken lasagne and butter chicken tacos. The staff is happy to work with dietary restrictions e.g. vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free. The service in all of these restaurants is prompt and the staff is polite. The portion size of every dish justifies the cost associated with it.


The word cuisine is a French word (meaning: Kitchen) that originated from a Latin word Coquere (meaning: to cook). The French style of cooking is respected all around the world and is a lot of about fine techniques than just spices. The French style of cooking has elevated the culinary skills to the level of an artform. Albury-Wodonga is the abode to many such fine-dining French restaurants and they completely do justice to what they present to their guests, on their table. A few of the popular restaurants in the Albury-Wodonga region are Miss Amelie, Bistro Selle, La Maison Restaurant & The River Deck Café, Albury.

All these restaurants have a great collection of wine and the Sommelier at these restaurants would advise one well on selecting the wine to go with the food they order. The staff is very polite and has a good knowledge of the food items on the menu. The staff can design from a 3-course meal to a 9-course meal for you. The options in the main course are limited and that shows in the great quality of food that they offer. The oysters and barramundi fish offered at these restaurants are worth a mention as they are very fresh. In short, the meal you would have at one of these places will leave you satiated and happy that you have spent your money well.

Modern Australian

Contemporary Australian cuisine is greatly inspired by European, Lebanese/Turkish, Cantonese, Japanese and British cuisines. The influences of the multi-cultural heritage can be seen in the menu of various contemporary Australian restaurants; Australian cuisine is not just about Fish ‘n' chips, meat pies, or avocado toast, but is an evolved cuisine drawing its influences from other cultures.

In the Albury-Wodonga region, there are a few popular names that are a great hit among visitors and are packed with guests throughout the year. Restaurant Monte in the region has items ranging from traditional Beer battered whiting Fish and Chips, Gnocchi & Linguine, Shakshuka to Ceviche.

The River Deck Café Albury is famous for its experience of having a coffee on the Deck by Murray River. Along the deck, there is a small playground where kids can play. The River Deck Café is also a favorite among people for organizing weddings because of its picturesque beauty and scenic beauty of the iconic river Murray. The menu at River Deck Café is quite diverse with Australian favorites on the list- Wagyu Beef Burger, Crispy salad Chicken, and Cured Mansfield Trout. Along with these they also a few middle eastern options like Garlic n herbs roti bread, spiced eggplant jam, marinated labneh and hummus and few Indian options like Vegetable fritters, crispy okra salad & paneer butter masala.

The Westminster Restaurant at Albury Manor House is a treasure trove for Australian cuisine with exquisite main course items like Whiskey Drunk Pig which is quite popular among the people who are a regular there. The desserts are great too with Banana fritters and ice cream and Crème Brulèe on the list.

Chinese, Japanese and Asian Fusion

The Albury Chinese Restaurants in the region is a favorite among the locals and it is good for families as there is a separate area for kids where they can play and plenty of seating space. They also offer Yum Cha on Sundays.

If you enjoy eating street style food then The Chow Shop is the best place for you to visit. This place has quick service and is bustling with people all the time. If this style of eating isn't your kind then you can order a takeaway. The food is authentic and the prices are very reasonable.

The Chopstix house is another Chinese restaurant with authentic food items like handmade vegetarian dumplings, bao bun burgers and handmade pork dumplings.

Zen X is one-of-a-kind restaurants in the region as it is popular for its Sushi and Teppanyaki grill- hot plates at the center of the table with meat and vegetables grilled on the plate. All the staff is Japanese and everyone is really helpful.

Din Dins is an Asian-fusion restaurant that has a great range of dumplings, nasi goreng and ramen, bao burgers and so on. For the price of the food, the portion sizes are quite big.

Albury-Wodonga is home to beautiful landscapes, wineries, art museums, cultural heritage, and great picnic spots but what makes this place special are the overwhelming food options available to the visitors and travelers.

Restaurants and Cafes in Albury-Wodonga are a delight to the food gastronomes and the spectrum of options available are diverse. If you too are food-obsessed then a visit to Albury-Wodonga must be on top of your list of places for a weekend getaway.

After all, there is no sincerer love than the love for food.